The Dental Project - Brisbane Dentist


Formerly known as Birkdale Fair Dental and Allenby Road Dental separately, The Dental Project is the official amalgamation of both practices under a unified name. While the name has changed, the same level of service will be provided by the same people who have been contributing to the community for the past decade.

Our philosophy to dentistry is simple – treating our patients as people, giving you control of your own destiny and helping you achieve it. How we do this is by not just fixing your teeth, but helping you understand the processes in which your oral health has reached a particular point. With this knowledge you will then have the power to determine which path your oral health will take, and we will help make sure that it will be for the better.

While we previously had practices at two locations, Birkdale and Wellington Point, we have merged into just Wellington Point and aim to provide a full range of dental services for patients in state of the art environments using the latest in dental techniques, equipment, and technology.  Combined with the same group of professional and caring dentists and oral health therapists, we are able to provide exceptional dental treatment to exceed your expectations.

At The Dental Project, we believe that you won't be looked after by just one person, but by our team as a whole. From the front desk to the back, everyone has the common desire to make your visit as pleasant a ride as possible to finally eradicate that childhood fear we all have.


We place a strong emphasis on people and it is our core values which dictate how we interact not just with each other, but also with all our patients.  These values play an important role within our workplace and we want to share it with you!

We strive to incorporate these values in everything we do not only at work, but in life, and hope to create a better world =)

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